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Is the tab name displayed in the tab bar above the tiles.
You define the tab order by prefixing tab names with a sorting number. If you do not want this number displayed on the tab bar, you may choose to have it removed when configuring the tab group definition.

Supported styles:

The style displays an icon (max dimensions 48x48). Icon, colors, clickaction and mouse hover title may be set (see details below).
Configuration Tab Style Small.png

4 text fields may be set in addition to the icon. The texts can be static or taken from the displayed entity record.
Configuration Tab Style Medium.png

Same as Medium but with more space for the text fields.
Configuration Tab Style Wide.png

Process Flow
This style displays the process flow selected for each record and where it is in the process (just as CRM does on the record). Also here an icon and text fields may be set to show details about the record.
Configuration Tab Style Process.png

While the Process Flow style access process information using supported methods, it might be that some of the attributes retrieved are considered unsupported to use. Thus this style might break in a future version. I do not consider it very likely, but now you are warned :-)

Also the Process Flow style requires that the entity has been enabled for processes and that the following attributes are included in the fetchXML:
<attribute name="processid" />
<attribute name="stageid" />

Entity Search (FetchXML)
Use FetchXML to retrieve Tiles to display (see more on FetchXML below).

Action Buttons
Associated Rich UX Actions will be displayed as tiles. When clicked the corresponding actions will fire. Read more on Actions in the next section.

This is where all the magic is configured. There are a lot of options so read through it all here :-)


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