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Background / Full Disclosure

The initial purpose of RichUX was to demo how smart use of webresources can be used to create a rich user experience (Rich UX) in Dynamics CRM. As the interest has increased and the solution grown I have now packaged the demo into a re-usable asset.

I do work for Microsoft, but RichUX is my own, private initiative. It is neither endorsed nor supported by Microsoft. You take the full responsibility if/when you install RichUX. Microsoft cannot and will not provide support on issues caused by the use of RichUX.

Most of the credit have to go to Paul Maré @ Microsoft and his presentation of 'Rich Tile-Based User Experiences' held at both Convergence 2013 EMEA and eXtremeCRM 2014 Barcelona. The concept was developed on a project he attended at KBC Group in Belgium. RichUX is IMHO a more generic and re-usable implementation of this concept.

There are a few 3rd party libraries used with this solution:
  • jQuery on MIT License (home)
  • jQuery blockUI plugin on MIT / GPL license (home / GitHub)
  • KnockoutJS on MIT license (home)
  • Sdk.Soap.js on MS-LPL license (home)

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