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Project Description
With RichUX you can display related Dynamics CRM records on a form with a visually appealing user interface using only configuration and FetchXML.

Note! RichUX does not currently have an administration UI so reading the documentation is required to get it properly configured. The most up to date documentation is in the PDF on the downloads page.

I have not spent enough time on the documentation so it’s understandable if you are having trouble getting it up and running. Please feel free to ask questions under discussions.

Rich UX

The major functions of RichUX are:

  • Display related records and their process including the most relevant attributes (see first image below).
  • Display related records using either small, medium, or wide tiles (see 2nd image below).
  • Activate Process Actions to perform "complex" tasks with the click of a button.

Demo of how ongoing opportunities on an account are displayed with their Process Flow status

Demo of how open cases may be displayed with icons and coloring

Demo of Actions using medium tiles

Demo of Actions using small tiles

Demo of Cases using wide tiles

Presentation of both process flows and tiles are highly configurable. Among others the following may be set:
  • Icons displayed can be based on a static url or the value of an attribute on the record.
  • Action to perform when tile is clicked (open form)
  • Fore- and background colors can be set based on the value of an attribute or static value. There are also a few pre-defined CSS-classes that may be used.
  • Limit visibility based on user role
  • Records to display defined by FetchXML making the filtering highly flexible

Read all about it in the Documentation (working on making it complete).

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